Alumni Association

The College has established Alumni association in the academic year 2015-2016. The Alumni Association has been started with the aim of establishing contact with the past students. Alumni, who are practicing professionals, provide guidance in areas of improvement to our students through mock interviews; The Institution conducts meetings with Alumni and involves them in planning, execution, review of academic, developmental activities and welfare schemes of the students. The college is newly established in 11th July 2009, few Ex-faculty members those leaves the job from MJM college are always welcomed by the college for their valuable suggestions and are invited for guest lectures. They are also invited in the college on various programs.

The interaction of alumni with IQAC – The students and alumni play a significant role in assuring quality of education by the college. The students and alumni contribute to the effective functioning of the IQAC through regular programs, parents-students meetings, feedbacks and the meetings of alumni association. All decisions are taken and implemented by the IQAC with the help of students and alumni of the college. Students give valuable suggestions by participating in feedback process. The college has provided robust mechanism to facilitate active participation of alumni in various aspects of governance. Many of the alumni have qualified State Govt. Exams and placed in different positions in Govt. services. These alumni help for placements of present students. They also participate in various social activities such as tree plantation, blood donation drive and Nature conservation programs. The IQAC cell has formed different committees by giving various responsibilities, to alumnus. The staff, student council and alumni with Principal provides with the feedback on the activities being run in the college. Their suggestions are taken in to consideration for improving the forthcoming decisions and activities. College practices the ‘Open Door Policy’ for all its stakeholders. It is always open to any constructive suggestions. Alumni meeting are conducted regularly for the same purposes. To conduct Alumni meet for strengthening the network of students.

The present registered Alumni association contains the following office bearers:


Sr. No. Name of the Alumni Designation Working Place & Qualification
1 Pravin Manohar Tople President M A (appeared)
2 Gavali Nitin Dilip Vice- President M.Sc. (Teacher)
3 Thakare Vilas Ravindra Secretary M. A. (Appeared)
4 Bhusare Ramesh Devram Treasurer B. Sc. (Teacher)
5 Maule Bharat Laxman Executive Member M. Sc. (Appeared) Sport Teacher
6 Khambait Lalita Bhagwan Executive Member M. Sc. (Appeared)
7 Waghere Vilas Raghunath Executive Member M. Sc.
8 Chaudhari Ashok Namdeo Executive Member M. Sc. (Appeared)
9 Walvane Rohini Executive Member (Law) District Court






Year No. of alumni association  meetings Dates of meetings No. of members attended Total no. of alumni enrolled
2015-16 2 25/08/2015 27 54
23/12/2015 30
2016-17 3 24/08/2016 40 75
15/10/2016 42
24/11/2016 32
2017-18 2 22/07/2017 28 60
05/01/2018 32