From Students

  1. Mechanism:

The college has created a formal mechanism to obtain feedback, suggestions on curriculum from Students, Teachers, Employers, Alumni and Parents to upgrade the syllabus relevant to present and new trend of fast changing academic inventions and concepts. A feedback committee has been formed by the IQAC in which feedback forms are generated and the suggestions are obtained from Faculty, Students, Alumni, Parents and Employers. Feedback on curriculum is obtained in a prescribed proforma. Student’s and teacher’s feedback on syllabi are regularly collected at the college every year. The feedback committee collects and analyzes the feedback obtained from all stakeholders’ year wise and makes assessments of the curriculum. It submits its recommendations for curriculum enrichment and up gradation to the university through college Authority and the members of Board of Studies. This practice is found to be very useful to update the curriculum.

To analyze/ensure the objectives of curriculum, the college has taken subject-wise feedback from students. Three teachers of our college also actively participate and contribute their views in syllabus framing workshop organized by other colleges in S. P. Pune University region, by collecting latest information from the internet, feedback from the stakeholders. Whenever they find that the syllabus needs to be modified to meet the present trends, they communicate their ideas in black and white to their respective Board of Studies members through the college. The members of the faculty brain storm and discuss amongst themselves the relevance of the syllabus designed by the affiliating university. While recommending or forwarding the suggestions to the Board of Studies our teachers normally take into consideration the students’ feedback. It has been a regular practice of the college to depute senior most faculties to meet the students in the class rooms exclusively and informally outside the class room to get their informal feedback. Outcome of parent-teacher meetings as well as report from the administration is also taken into consideration while forwarding suggestions to the board of studies.


Analysis of Feedback on Curriculum


After the analysis of feedback reports from some stakeholders on curriculum, stress is given on following points by them:



The curriculum should be,

  • Job oriented.
  • More practical based.
  • Curriculum based on recent trends.
  • Training based.



Teachers suggested that the curriculum should be,

  • Basic Science subjects at entry level
  • Reform the Examination pattern
  • Skill based training oriented
  • To Increase thinking level
  • Self employed oriented.
  • Research oriented.



The Employers also given suggestion for curriculum betterment as,

  • They suggest impacting updated curriculum to the students.
  • They also recommended having technical development in teaching/learning process.
  • Suggestion given by them to increase research activities


The Feedback collected on curriculum, analyzed and submitted in the Management. Management discussed in detail about the feedback obtained from the various stake holders for its betterment.


2)Review: Feedback processes of the institution

College obtains the evaluation of the teachers by students. The Principal of the college takes feedback of the teachers from the students and their parents. At the end of every academic year students give feedback of individual faculty members on their teaching skills in a prescribed format. The feedback form mainly focuses on the various aspects like teaching skills of the faculty members, viz: Sincerity, presentation, content covered, communication Skills, Knowledge base of the teacher, Ability to design quizzes /Tests /assignments / examinations and projects to evaluate students understanding of the course, innovative practices and laboratory work. The college has a formal mechanism to obtain the feedback from students on teachers. The data of feedback report is analyzed by IQAC and the outcome is made available to the teachers for the improvement if necessary. If any faculty doesn’t meet the benchmark on feedback, he/she is counseled for the future. In the library, suggestion box is available to get the users feedback to improve the library services. The college also obtains feedback on teacher from parents, Alumni, and external experts. The suggestions and ideas communicated by them are received and suitable suggestions are implemented. The feedback provided by users is implemented with the approval of the Principal. This feedback is communicated to the management authority. The Principal reviews regularly the feedback report by conducting departmental meetings. Hon. President and Secretary of our Education Society, Sahyadri Shikshan Mandal, Dindori frequently organize meetings with staff members and monitor the academic programs.


Year Feedback Suggestions Action taken report of Management
2012- 2013 Students ·         To appoint teaching faculty

·         To provide library facilities for students

·         Start Examination center

·         Organize field trips

Management approved and implemented

·   Examination center started.

·   Books are purchased.

·   Teachers are appointed

·     field trips organized



·         Provide the class rooms for lectures

·         Provide laboratory facilities

Parents Nil
Alumni Nil
2013-2014 Students ·         To extend the facilities of coaching classes for competitive examinations

·         To arrange more number of industrial visits and field trips.

·         Provide Books facility for competitive examinations.

·      Coaching classes  started for Competitive Examination,

·      Organized field trips.

·      Purchased of Books and laboratory equipments

·      Internet facility provided.

·      Faculty are appointed





·         To extend the facilities of Library and laboratory

·         Extend Internet facility.

·         Appoint teaching faculty

Parents ·         Appoint teaching faculty

·         Increase sports facilities

Alumni Nil
2014-2015 Students ·   To enrich the sports and cultural activities by conducting various competitions and functions.

·   Provide sound system

·   Purchase Gym equipments

·      Purchase sound system.

·      Appointment of staff is made.

·      Installed Inverter/Battery back facility

·      Installed CCTV for security of college campus.

·       Allowed to organize cultural programs.

·      Teachers are appointed.





·    Provide Inverter/Battery backup facility.

·    For security purpose install CCTV facility in campus.

·   To extend Library and laboratories facilities

·    Appoint teaching faculty.



·   To conduct various functions for the development of cultural activities.

·   Start the skill based courses for students

Alumni Nil
2015-2016 Students ·   Purchase more Books in Library.

·   Purchase sports equipments and enrich the sports activities by conducting various competitions.

·   Change teaching methods.

·   Start the computer course.

·      02-Skill based training courses for students started.

·      Purchased sports/ Gym equipments to enrich the sports facilities.

·      Purchased Books in library.

·      Seminars and workshops organized for students and teachers.

·      Funds are provided to initiate research activities.

·      For spacious class rooms and laboratories, separate new Building will constructed in next academic year.

·      The Computer course will be started from next academic year.

·      Organize more meets with alumni.



·   Purchase more Books in library.

·   Develop the research facilities.

·   Provide spacious class rooms

·   To conduct seminar, conferences, workshops for teachers/students

  Parents ·   Requested improvement in infrastructure facilities.
  Alumni ·   Alumni requested to invite alumni experts for conducting seminar and guest lectures
2016-2017 Students ·   Suggested for use modern teaching methods.

·   Suggested to start Physics and Zoology at special level and Math at S Y B Sc level

·      For spacious class rooms and laboratories, Management starts to construct new college Building in campus.

·      Purchased LCD projector for teaching methods and suggested to the use of new techniques in teaching method.

·      Physics as special subject at TYB Sc. and Math at S Y B. Sc.  level started.

·    Three companies are invited to organize the placement camp.

·    Library books are purchased.



·   Teaching/learning process should be enriched by use of ICT Tools.

·   Extend the library and laboratory facilities

Parents ·   suggested for giving more number of placement options by inviting good and reputed companies for interviews

·   To increase library books

Alumni ·   Alumni also insisted to provide more number of placement opportunities to the students.