Local Management

Local Management Committee

The Local Management Committee works for the improvement in working conditions of both the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College.


1 Mr.Gawali Padamakar C President
2 MR.Gawande Mohan Y Local Member
3 Dr. Pawar Ramesh L. Local Member
4 Dr.R.Y.Borase Sectary
5 Dr. Shinde Mahendra S. Teacher
6 Dr. Jundre Deepak B. Teacher
7 Mr. Gawali Vidyadhar Chabildas Non Teaching Staff

It gives a good platform to raise many issues relating to the improvement of quality education. The purpose of the LMC is as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 and can broadly be given as follows:

  • To approve the appointments of Staff members.
  • To prepare the College Budget.
  • To assist the Principal in order to ensure discipline on campus and to look after general maintenance and cleanliness on the campus.

The LMC consists of three elected representatives from the teaching Staff, one elected representative from the non-teaching Staff, three members who are experts from three different fields. The LMC is basically a recommendatory body.  The members of the Committee meet at least twice in a year.