Code of Ethics

The institution has a stated Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research.

    The College believes in promoting a healthy Research Culture amongst the students/faculty and does not compromise with the following malpractices and plagiarism with regard to project/research work. The College established recently a research committee to facilitate, monitor and encourage the research activities which performs the tasks of checking malpractices and plagiarism in research. Plagiarism software is not installed in the college which details the percentage of plagiarism. The institution warn faculty and strictly prohibits plagiarism and consider is as an act of cheating, fraud, malpractice, misconduct and violation of code. Minor misconduct will be dealt with the researches to rectify it. Researches with major misconduct will be asked to repeat their work. The committee provides advice and guidance to the researchers on all matters to pertaining to academic research ethics. The committee also advices the teachers doing research to adhere strictly the code of ethics to enhance the quality of the published work.

Following are the Code of Ethics listed as:

  • The college adheres to follow the code of ethics for research/project work strictly.
  • It explicitly forbids plagiarism to all students/faculty.
  • Strictly discourages dishonest and unethical practices in research.
  • Students/faculty should be responsible for ensuring original research work.
  • Academic integrity should be ensured in the research work.

Students should seek guidance from teachers in order to contribute good research and avoid plagiarism

 Innovations including incubation centre:

  • The term takes off from biological “incubators” where young ones are hatched and nurtured. College manages incubation centers to nurture startups. Knowledge and innovation are crucial conditions for economic development and important engines of structural change across sectors. Keeping this in mind the college has an incubation centre which provides a platform for the students to nurture their idea into viable business. The incubation centre along with clubs conducts special training for the student to get self employment.
  • The College has been conducting various career oriented programmes for betterment of the students. Various Cells and Clubs are established in college to conduct different activities. Personality development programme, Interpersonal relationship building and Team dynamics understanding are conducted for development of soft skills.
  • These different activities are conducted time to time which provides self help carrier options for students. It also helps for “Earn while You Learn” facility.
  • The Carrier guidance cell provides coaching and training to students to improve skill of employability in various fields.
  • Special training for self-help activity like tailoring for girls and Paper bag preparation is given to get self employment. A special space is provided to such activities.
  • Nature club started several programs such as tree plantation, seed ball, forest visit, Nursery Development in collaboration and green revolution with Forest Department, Soil and water testing.
  • Eco club started several programs under Bio-diversity viz. tree, animal bird feeding facility. Field visits, Plastic waste management and Waste water management and vermin compost.