Welcome to Department of Zoology

Zoology department was established in 2009 and emerged as one of   the best learningcenters in Pune University. At present Zoology department is a well flourished department whichruns UG.  The current research and teaching areas in the Department include General Zoology,biochemistry, Biology, Physiology, Developmental biology, Taxonomy. The department has awell equipped instrument facility with best infrastructure and laboratories. The laboratories arewell equipped with LCD projectors and consist of various instruments. The library is wellmaintained with 132 Text books and 22 reference books. To further strengthen teaching andresearch in the Department, an extensive renovation and up-gradation of teaching and researchlaboratories has been undertaken in the last three years.
Asstt. Prof. Dr. P.T. Wankhedkar from the same department is honored by membership ofInternational society of Zoological Sciences, China.